Pello Bikes Rover 20"

Pello Bikes

$ 529.99 

  • Pello Bikes Rover 20" Orange
  • Pello Bikes Rover 20" Orange

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We started from scratch and designed every part of the Rover from the ground up.

The Rover is the first bike in our lineup to have a multi-speed drivetrain.  Similar to its older sibling the Reyes, we designed the Rover to be compatible with all types of riding.  This means that the base model is well equipped to handle almost all situations, but with a few available upgrade options, the Rover could also be considered an Ultimate Mountain Bike!  

The Rover’s geometry is designed using our “Ride Right Geometry” with a low center of gravity making it easy to control, our child proportional-sized saddle, grips, and pedals are designed to keep bums, hands and feet in place. Additionally, the super lightweight frame, our very own crank-set design, and trusty Kenda tires all play crucial parts in making the Rover fit just right and provide confidence in your child’s lifelong passion for riding a bike. 

This is the front suspension model which comes with an RST Capa fork with 50mm of travel.

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