Aero Press Coffee Maker

Outpost Richmond

$ 33.69 

  • Aero Press Coffee Maker
  • Aero Press Coffee Maker

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From the Inventor of the Aerobie flying ring.- "The AeroPress coffee maker utilizes a breakthrough in the coffee brewing process to yield the smoothest, richest coffee that you have ever tasted."

Coffee connoisseurs the world over swear by the AeroPress not only is it compact and great for camping it makes a great cup of coffee too. 

Here are some kind words from AeroPress Fans.

"You’ve outdone yourself with this machine! Outstanding piece of engineering. I just received mine, made a couple cups and proceeded to throw out my Bunn and French press. It's not often I buy anything that just works, works well and is exactly as it was advertised."

Jesse Raymond, South Bend, IN, USA

I can only say that I will NEVER go back to using an electric coffee maker (or French press) again. I’ve made regular coffee as well as espresso and both come out fantastic no matter where I am. The best thing about my AeroPress is the simple, quick cleanup. It’s portable so I can have coffee anywhere there’s hot water! Thanks so much for this fabulous invention!

Danielle Bryant, Los Angeles, CA, USA


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