Pello Ripple Balance Bike

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  • Pello Ripple Balance Bike
  • Pello Ripple Balance Bike
  • Pello Ripple Balance Bike

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The Ripple is our balance bike and is designed to provide your little one the perfect foundation for many years of great riding.  

We designed the Ripple to not only be easy to ride but also easy to learn how to ride. Putting your child on a balance bike teaches them balance, and balance is a primary factor in learning to ride a bike.  The best part is they tend to learn balance without even trying...really!

We’ve found that children treat a balance bike as a toy; through safe experimentation, little ones figure out balance all on their own while having fun. We also include a rear hand brake to introduce little ones to the art of braking. Learning balance and braking before pedals are introduced speeds the transition to a pedal bike, it is far easier to learn one new skill (pedaling) than trying to learn 3 at one time (such as balance, pedaling, and braking), especially if you are 2 years old.

Once mastering the ride on the Ripple, your child will soon be ready for a pedal bike, where they can enjoy a ride on our super cute and equally awesome Romper or Revo!

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