The Outpost Community, Membership

Outpost Richmond

$ 25.00 

Contact us at the link below for current availability.

The Outpost Community is about giving something back to all our loyal customers, co-conspirators, friends, like button smashers, neighbors, all the people who love what we do.

A one year membership is $25.

You will be notified of special community discounts and events.

And get 5% back on all eligible purchases*,

redeemable at any time.

For example, if you buy a $900 bicycle you get $45 in points, get some lights or a helmet, and you’re ready to commute to work, save on gas, and stay healthy at the same time.  

A priceless proposition for $25.

Or if you buy a “nice” six-pack (from our awesome selection) once a week, membership more than pays for itself.

*Excluding Belmont Butchery products, prepared food, sale items, and gift cards.

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