Tune-Up, Premium MTB Annual Overhaul

Outpost Richmond

$ 600.00 

Contact us at the link below for current availability.

Aka the works, your bike is completely taken apart down to the bare frame and rebuilt.

Every component is carefully cleaned and inspected. We grease every bolt and tune every part. Fresh cables and housing are included* so your bike runs as smoothly as possible. The best way to get your bike as close to its original condition as possible.

  • includes suspension service.  Estimate price only with an explanation of how factory service for shock/fork works.  
  • Includes flushing of brake fluid and piston service. 
  • $600 and up.  
    • Includes all service of GOLD tune
    • Includes sending fork (and shock if present) out to the manufacturer’s official factory service center for rebuild
    • Includes full bleed of both brakes
    • No LABOR upcharge for any parts installation
    • Recommend sourcing OEM bearing/linkage kit for full suspension bikes (price may vary)
  • The GOLD tune for hardtail mountain bikes and hybrids includes premium cables/housing and piston service where applicable.*
  • Includes all service included in a SILVER tuneup.
  • No labor upcharge for replacing any parts
  • Includes piston service on hydraulic systems and brake bleeds as needed
  • Any required small parts up to $20 are pre-approved
  • Exceptionally dirty bikes may require an additional charge for cleaning
  • All components inspected for wear
  • Adjusting of brakes and gears to the proper spec
  • Truing and balancing of wheels
  • Adjustment of all bearings in the frame and wheels
  • Check all bolts for proper tightness
  • Clean and lubricate the chain
  • All drivetrain components are disassembled and cleaned
  • New cables and housing*
  • Headset and bottom bracket bearings disassembled and serviced
  • Frame service as needed

 *Some components require proprietary cable systems for optimal function which usually results in an up-charge.

*Road bikes require bar tape (extra. $25-45 depending on preference).

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